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Metal testing services include: ultrasonic flaw detector, thickness gauge, hand-held spectrometer, microhardness tester and portable metallographic microscope.
Microhardness tester
Microhardness tester can detect Vickers hardness and can be used to test the depth and gradient of nitriding layer and carburizing layer after heat treatment.
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Ultrasonic flaw detector
Ultrasonic flaw detector is a portable industrial nondestructive flaw detector. It can detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose a variety of defects (cracks, porosity, pores, inclusions, etc.) in the workpiece quickly, conveniently, without damage and accurately on the engineering site.
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Portable metallographic microscope
Portable metallographic microscope can carry out on-line metallographic inspection on large workpieces on site.
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Hand-held spectrometer
The hand-held spectrometer can detect most of the metal elements without sample preparation and surface treatment. It can directly click on the steel and test the results in a few seconds.
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Thickness gauge
Thickness gauge is used to detect the film thickness of PVD. Test range: 0 ~ 2mm (routine), resolution ratio: 0.1 μ m.
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