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STRONG ROBOT (FOSHAN) CO.,LTD. is a subsidiary of Guangdong Strong Metal Technology Co., Ltd. The main core products of STRONG ROBOT include: industrial robot (such as welding, stacking, spraying robot, etc.), intelligent logistics storage equipment, intelligent unmanned forklift, AGV handling trolley, RGV railcar, robot and accessories, mechanical equipment and parts, thermal equipment, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, hardware products, electronic products and hydraulic starting device; Development and application of metal surface treatment and processing, new material technology, laser technology and welding technology; Industrial automatic production line, intelligent manufacturing system integration, industrial robot and automation development and application, etc.
Automatic forklift truck
An automatic forklift truck that transfers pallets to storage racks inside the warehouse. People, goods, yards and warehouses are facing digital and intelligent upgrading: calculated by data and managed by systems. Artificial intelligence and loT will play a huge role in the field of warehousing and logistics. Future technology will inevitably bring about industrial innovation and change.
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Automated three-dimensional warehouse
1. As an important part of modern logistics system, automated three-dimensional warehouse can realize high-level rationalization, automatic access and simple operation of warehouse with three-dimensional warehouse equipment; The automatic three-dimensional warehouse is composed of shelves, roadway stacker crane (stacker), entry (exit) workbench and automatic entry (exit) and operation control system. 2. Intelligent system composed of three-dimensional shelf, AGV / RGV, rail roadway stacker, in and out transportation system, information identification system, automatic control system, computer management system and other auxiliary equipment. The system is designed with the concept of integrated logistics. Through the application of advanced control, bus, communication and information technology, it coordinates the actions of various equipment to realize automatic stock in / stock out.
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Intelligent logistics solution
Advantages of intelligent logistics solution: 1. The intelligent system is easy to operate and greatly improves the utilization rate of warehouse space; 2. The background logistics data is clear and easy to trace (operation data display board); 3. It can reduce logistics personnel and labor cost; 4. Easy to disassemble, assemble and maintain.
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Composition of stacker: 1. Machine body 2. Unloading platform 3. Traveling detection mechanism 4. Control cabinet 5. Telescopic fork 6. Elevator 7. Horizontal running motor 8. Maintenance platform 9. Lifting motor platform 10. Control cabinet platform 11. Lifting detection device 12. Maintenance ladder
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Universal six joint robot
Composition of universal six joint robot: according to the pre arranged program, it can automatically complete the parts taking, transmission, loading and unloading.It includes a series of loading and unloading tasks such as work turnover and process conversion. It has a small wrist, high torque, high speed and wide working range. Advantages of universal six joint robot: 1) Reduce the requirements for workers' operation technology and improve labor productivity; 2) It shortens the preparation cycle for product upgrading and reduces the corresponding equipment investment.
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Spraying robot
Spraying robot is an industrial robot that can automatically spray paint or spray other coatings. Main advantages (1) large flexibility. The scope of work is very wide (2) Improve spraying quality and material utilization (3) Easy to operate and maintain (4) High equipment utilization.
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Palletizing robot
Introduction: a palletizing robot is developed for monotonous, frequent and repeated long-time operations in chemical, beverage, food and other enterprises, or operations in dangerous and harsh environments. It has a 2200mm arm span and the maximum load can reach 50kg. It has the flexibility of multiple degrees of freedom and can deal with loading and unloading, destacking, handling, stacking and other scenes freely.
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Welding robot
Advantages of welding robot: 1) welding robot can replace people to do some monotonous, frequent and repeated long-time operation in industrial production, or work in dangerous and harsh environment; 2) Stabilize and improve the welding quality, and can reflect the welding quality in the form of numerical value;
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RGV rail shuttle car
Introduction to RGV: RGV is the English abbreviation of Rail Guided Vehicle, also known as rail shuttle car, RGV trolley can be used in warehouses with various high-density storage modes. The trolley channel can be designed to be arbitrarily long, which can improve the storage capacity of the whole warehouse, and there is no need for forklift to drive into the roadway during operation, so that its safety will be higher. Taking advantage of the advantage that the forklift does not need to enter the roadway, cooperate with the rapid operation of the trolley in the roadway to effectively improve the operation efficiency of the warehouse.
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STRONG unmanned tractor
Main structure: composed of frame and corresponding mechanical structure. The device is the foundation of AGV trolley and the installation foundation of other components. Power storage and charging device: AGV is powered by 24V and 48V DC batteries. The battery pack usually needs to work continuously for more than 8 hours. Driving device: it is composed of wheel, reducer, brake, driving motor, speed controller, etc., which controls the normal operation of AGV. Its running instructions are issued by computer or manual control, and the running speed, direction and braking adjustment are controlled by computer respectively. In case of power failure, mechanical braking can be used for safety reasons.
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Forklift AGV-STRONG unmanned forklift (laser guided forklift)
STRONG intelligent unmanned vehicle adopts the self-developed laser scanning mapping + SLAM algorithm positioning navigation technology to realize the accurate positioning (positioning accuracy ± 10mm) and flexible planning of unmanned vehicles. Compared with magnetic conductivity technology, there is no need to lay a large number of magnetic strips and positioning points on site, the route planning and setting is simple, the maintenance cost is low, and the operation is more reliable.
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Forklift AGV -- STRONG unmanned carrier (pallet trolley)
STRONG intelligent forklift adopts self-developed high-performance integrated industrial controller and AGVS on-board system to realize processing and monitoring of various operating parameters, efficient processing and strong computing ability. It is compatible with a variety of navigation technologies (laser, vision, magnetic navigation and inertial navigation) and has rich data interfaces (RS232 / RS485 / CAN / USB / gigabit network card / D1 / pwer d). It can be suitable for various non-standard requirements, and support multi-sensor protection / multiple communication protocol calls, and seamlessly connect with user WMS / MES.
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Transportable AGV- latent transporter.
Introduction to AGV: Automated Guided Vehicle, abbreviation: AGV, is usually also known as AGV trolley. It refers to a transport vehicle equipped with automatic navigation devices such as electromagnetic or optical devices, which can travel along the specified navigation path and has safety protection and various load transfer functions. In industrial applications, the carrier does not need a driver, and its power source is rechargeable battery. Generally, its travel path and behavior can be controlled by computer, or its travel path can be set up by using electromagnetic path following system. The electromagnetic path is pasted on the floor, and the unmanned carrier moves and acts by relying on the information brought by the electromagnetic path.
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