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Wonderful interpersonal relationship

Wonderful interpersonal relationship

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  • Time of issue:2022-11-09
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(Summary description)Break through all difficulties and strive to reach the target of 2022 Strong Technology! Come on, Strong people!

Wonderful interpersonal relationship

(Summary description)Break through all difficulties and strive to reach the target of 2022 Strong Technology! Come on, Strong people!

  • Categories:News
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  • Time of issue:2022-11-09
  • Views:999


At the end of October, there are only two months left in 2022. How are your performance indicators this year? Anyway, do you still have to fight in the last two months?


[Problem 1] How to know customers


What is the reasonable goal for the first contact with customers?


Many people set the goal to add WeChat, offer a price, introduce a product and exchange business cards. That's not right. Because adding WeChat will not promote your relationship.


For the first time, the correct goal is to chat happily for 15 minutes.


Simply, let's break down 15 minutes into 3 communications, each lasting 5 minutes.


For the first time, introduce yourself clearly to impress the other party.


The second time, ask the other person for a few questions about what they are good at, that is, their comfort zone.


The third time, talk about what you may be able to do for the other party, and provide some benefits to the other party.



[Question 2] How to coordinate work


We know that another difficulty in interpersonal relationship restricts your performance in the workplace, that is, when you upload and release information within the team and promote work, you are subject to the relationship between yourself and your superiors, subordinates and colleagues.


This kind of workplace relationship is more difficult to handle than customer relationship, because it is more sensitive than customer relationship.


A common mistake in workplace relations is that when talking about things, people always say that they are good and there is no problem. When they do things, they find a lot of problems. When we talked about it, everyone felt aggrieved. Why didn't you say it earlier? Is it creating obstacles and troubles for me?


Such workplace communication is easy to cause misunderstanding.





Instead of sporadic, pointy and average communication, we should play a combination of fists to make the effects of each communication magnify each other.


When getting along with colleagues, there is a "Three Wise Rules".


On the first layer of sandwiches, daily communication should be close. Colleagues who work closely with themselves should maintain communication beyond work docking. At least we should ensure that we have had dinner with these colleagues every month.




The second layer of sandwiches is to promote work resolutely. Don't be shy to speak at the critical moment.


Adhere to one practice: prepare a communication plan according to the structure in advance before each communication with colleagues.


-What is the core issue of this communication? What is my opinion?


-What are the responsibilities of each other in this matter? Does the other party recognize his responsibilities?


-If the other party probably does not accept his assigned responsibilities, what are the alternatives I prepare for the other party? Can you prepare 3 alternatives?


There is a third layer in the sandwich. That is, the matter itself is over. You should remember to communicate again for the sake of relationship.


A official account can share any content. But from the perspective of interpersonal relationship management, if you want to obtain customers, especially high-quality customers, the answer is obvious.


Life is relationship management, because everyone lives in social relations.




Break through all difficulties and strive to reach the target of 2022 Strong Technology! Come on, Strong people!



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