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FOSHAN STRONG METAL CO., LTD is an agent of high-end stainless steel products with high temperature resistance and special performance. Welcome to inquire.
Color steel coil
Characteristics of color steel coil: corrosion resistance, self repair, long service life and easy processing. The appearance of the material has very strong metal texture, clear and uniform texture, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong fire resistance, pollution resistance and easy cleaning. It is a fashionable and popular new family decoration and decoration material, especially suitable for integrated ceiling, combined ceiling, interior wall decoration and exterior decoration of household appliances.
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Ultra thin hand tearing steel
The application prospect of precision foil "hand tearing steel" in key industries is broad; In the field of new energy, develop high-end products such as flexible solar cell substrate steel and hydrogen fuel stack bipolar plate; Folding flexible screen series products; 5G new non-magnetic materials in the electronic industry are accelerating.
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It can accept high-strength tensile sink materials
It can accept high-strength tensile sink materials with moderate toughness. The products can minimize the collision of utensils, take good care of them, and can be customized according to customer requirements.
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