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Vacuum coating (PVD) equipment Performance: 1. Make the machined parts have high wear resistance and adhesion: composite coating technology, multilayer nano film technology and rare earth material technology
Coating equipment (hard film coating)
It can be used in: drawing mould, die casting mould, cold stamping mould, gear hobbing cutter, pad printing steel plate and saw blade Process (STRONG ion source system): ion etching cleaning, plasma enhanced deposition, ion nitriding
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Vacuum multi arc ion plating coating machine
Technical advantages: ·Structure innovation of coating system ·Intelligent technology development of coating system and pre-treatment equipment; ·Development of new electromagnetic system; ·Ion beam assisted deposition technology; ·Modification technology of rare earth coating materials; ·Composite coating preparation technology; ·Low temperature deposition technology;
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Available for Nano coating, rare-earth modified coating, ultra hard coating and multifucational composite coating. Benfited to improve the surface properties and increasing life in variety of high strength, high speed and wear resistance mechanical parts, cutting tools, moulds & dies.
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Plate vacuum coating equipment
Plate vacuum coating equipment is suitable for plate vacuum coating. STRONG coating: thermal barrier coating: applied to generator and gas turbine blades for power generation, etc.
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Continuous vacuum cold rolling strip coating equipment
The continuous vacuum cold rolling strip coating equipment is mainly for the coating of high-end decorative stainless steel plate, and the surface coating increases wear resistance.
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Coating equipment for decorative parts
Coating equipment for decorative parts, plate decorative plating STRONG coating: decorative coating: applied to various decorative materials
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Coating equipment for cutting tools
Coating equipment for cutting tools STRONG coating: hard film coating: applied to mould tools and parts Application: it can prepare many kinds of composite coatings, suitable for coating processing of cutting tools and precision mould
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