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Industrial robot features: versatility, flexibility, automation, accuracy, etc. Provide robot system integration solutions such as welding robot, handling robot, spraying robot, polishing robot, assembly robot and polishing robot for various industries. Intelligent logistics solutions: STRONG robot, three-dimensional warehouse, AGV forklift and RGV trolley.
Universal six joint robot
Composition of universal six joint robot: according to the pre arranged program, it can automatically complete the parts taking, transmission, loading and unloading.It includes a series of loading and unloading tasks such as work turnover and process conversion. It has a small wrist, high torque, high speed and wide working range. Advantages of universal six joint robot: 1) Reduce the requirements for workers' operation technology and improve labor productivity; 2) It shortens the preparation cycle for product upgrading and reduces the corresponding equipment investment.
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Spraying robot
Spraying robot is an industrial robot that can automatically spray paint or spray other coatings. Main advantages (1) large flexibility. The scope of work is very wide (2) Improve spraying quality and material utilization (3) Easy to operate and maintain (4) High equipment utilization.
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Palletizing robot
Introduction: a palletizing robot is developed for monotonous, frequent and repeated long-time operations in chemical, beverage, food and other enterprises, or operations in dangerous and harsh environments. It has a 2200mm arm span and the maximum load can reach 50kg. It has the flexibility of multiple degrees of freedom and can deal with loading and unloading, destacking, handling, stacking and other scenes freely.
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Welding robot
Advantages of welding robot: 1) welding robot can replace people to do some monotonous, frequent and repeated long-time operation in industrial production, or work in dangerous and harsh environment; 2) Stabilize and improve the welding quality, and can reflect the welding quality in the form of numerical value;
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