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The automatic three-dimensional warehouse adopts high-rise shelves, three-dimensional storage, large storage space and cost saving. The automatic three-dimensional warehouse is controlled by mechanical and electronic equipment, with accurate data. The handling is also automatic, faster and more efficient.
Automated three-dimensional warehouse
1. As an important part of modern logistics system, automated three-dimensional warehouse can realize high-level rationalization, automatic access and simple operation of warehouse with three-dimensional warehouse equipment; The automatic three-dimensional warehouse is composed of shelves, roadway stacker crane (stacker), entry (exit) workbench and automatic entry (exit) and operation control system. 2. Intelligent system composed of three-dimensional shelf, AGV / RGV, rail roadway stacker, in and out transportation system, information identification system, automatic control system, computer management system and other auxiliary equipment. The system is designed with the concept of integrated logistics. Through the application of advanced control, bus, communication and information technology, it coordinates the actions of various equipment to realize automatic stock in / stock out.
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Intelligent logistics solution
Advantages of intelligent logistics solution: 1. The intelligent system is easy to operate and greatly improves the utilization rate of warehouse space; 2. The background logistics data is clear and easy to trace (operation data display board); 3. It can reduce logistics personnel and labor cost; 4. Easy to disassemble, assemble and maintain.
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Composition of stacker: 1. Machine body 2. Unloading platform 3. Traveling detection mechanism 4. Control cabinet 5. Telescopic fork 6. Elevator 7. Horizontal running motor 8. Maintenance platform 9. Lifting motor platform 10. Control cabinet platform 11. Lifting detection device 12. Maintenance ladder
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