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Vacuum hydrocarbon washing machine
High end precision parts vacuum cleaning equipment Features of vacuum hydrocarbon washing dryer machine system: 1. During vacuum cleaning, the air between blind holes, slits and parts can be sucked out in vacuum state, so that the cleaning liquid can easily enter these parts, so as to achieve the purpose of complete cleaning 2. The clear liquid can be heated to above 70 ℃, and the residual liquid on the surface of the workpiece can be quickly removed by hot water. 3. Each cleaning tank is continuously supplemented with clean cleaning solution, and the cleaning quality is stable and reliable 4. Dry completely in vacuum state, high efficiency 5. Meet the requirements of oil-water separation device and environmental protection. 6. Equipped with necessary safety measures, safe and reliable operation of the whole machine 7. All electric parts and pipelines are grounded to prevent electric leakage and static electricity from generating sparks Advantage: Compared with the traditional washing machine, this vacuum hydrocarbon washing machine is cleaner. Performance: water temperature: 80 ℃; material: shell: 304 stainless steel Material: Brand: STRONG TECHNOLOGY Specification: LV3-400/800/1500
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Nitriding furnace
Characteristic:Nitriding treatment is a widely surface treatment method., and is generally used in applications where high hardness and long-term friction are required, but the toughness is not high. After nitriding, the nitrogen atoms will penetrate into the interior of the crystal lattice, greatly improving the wear resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
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Application of cleaning and energy saving heat treatment for hardware products
Bell-type furnace has a perfect environmental protection device, which can completely replace the salt bath furnace and the patenting furnace, and meets the requirements of modern cleaning and energy-saving heat treatment. Moreover, it is highly automated and can implement a variety of processes. A Bell-type furnace line can replace all the traditional heat treatment old equipment in the original workshop, to improve production efficiency and quality, and improve the working environment.
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Application of heat treatment for aviation automobile parts
For the heat treatment of key components such as aviation and automobiles, Bell-type furnace has obvious advantages in thin layer carburizing, precision carburizing, less distortion heat treatment, and improving the comprehensive performance of toughness, which can meet the performance requirements of precision heat treatment, and can meet the technical requirements to the Standard of AMS2750D and GB/T 308252014.
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Application of heat treatment for fine parts
Bell-type furnace adopts the split structure of furnace and tank, and vertical axial design. The quenching transfer time is short, the temperature atmosphere is converted quickly, and the oxidative decarburization is not performed, and the less distortion heat treatment can be realized. Through the computer simulation design of the atmosphere.
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Application of heat treatment for automotive parts
In the production of mechanical equipment, there are many kinds of spare parts and different working conditions, and the technical requirements are not consistent. Because of the strong applicability of the process of the Bell-type furnace line, it completes the heat treatment process of the parts with small production volume, more varieties and various processes. Coupled with its modular design concept, users can be configured to expand according to requirements to meet production needs.
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