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Core accessories of Continuous stainless steel strip annealing furnace
Muffle adopts the compound corrugated Muffle, which is patented by STRONG TECHNOLOGY. It has the effects of compression resistance, high temperature resistance, extension protection and long service life.
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Muffle for Continuous bright annealing furnace of stainless steel strip
The compound corrugated muffle structure of the STRONG muffle won the national patent. It adopts the imported high temperature resistant nickel base material with Outokumpu of Sweden, which is specially designed to cope with the extreme high temperature challenge.
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Compound corrugated muffle
Compound corrugated muffle, commonly known as Bell, is the core component of high-end heat treatment furnace. German VDM nickel alloy steel plate is adopted for high quality, and Swedish outokumpu material is adopted for high cost performance. Outokumpu authorized to be sales, service & technical support base of stainless steel in China, STRONG TECHNOLOGY guarantees the products of the original factory. It is a wise choice of precision steel belt furnace, multi-purpose furnace and high-end mesh belt furnace.
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Muffle for Bright annealing furnace of stainless steel strip
composite corrugated muffle can compression, anti expansion, high temperature resistance, longer service life, material saving, cost saving
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