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Shichuang Metal

  Guangdong Shichuang Metal Technology Co., Ltd. (NEEQ: 833136, referred to as Shichuang Technology) is a company that develops and manufactures material-modified intelligent equipment.

  It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on metal strengthening processing and high-quality steel parts development. The company is also:

  Standing Director Unit of China Heat Treatment Society

  Standing Director Unit of China Heat Treatment Industry Association

  Member unit of National Heat Treatment Standardization Committee

  Excellent Enterprise of Quality Management in China's Heat Treatment Industry

  China Heat Treatment Industry Association Heat Treatment Clean Production Advanced Technology Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise

  National heat treatment standardization qualified enterprise

  The first qualified unit in Guangdong Province to pass the national heat treatment standardization technology acceptance

  Executive Vice President Unit of Guangdong Stainless Steel Materials and Products Association

  Chairman Unit of the Mold Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering Technical Committee of Guangdong Die & Mould Industry Association

  The company's main products include continuous stainless steel strip bright annealing production line, bottom charging vertical multi-purpose furnace production line,

  Intelligent mesh belt heat treatment production line, precision controllable atmosphere nitriding furnace, multi-functional modular intelligent plasma coating equipment, etc.,

  It is widely used in metallurgical rolling, aerospace, weapons, petroleum, mining, shipbuilding, automobiles, hardware and other industries.

  The company adheres to the path of independent innovation, actively carries out industry-university-research cooperation and international cooperation; establishes the concepts of precision, energy saving, environmental protection and green manufacturing;

  Enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise and build the enterprise into a first-class domestic enterprise with an important influence and demonstration role in the heat treatment equipment manufacturing industry.

  Provide support for China's high-end machinery and equipment manufacturing industry.

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