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Strong Technology was listed as "Top 100 Enterprises with High Quality Development in Manufacturing Industry" in Foshan in 2022

According to Foshan Daily, on March 10th, the Foshan Municipal Party Committee and Government solemnly held the 2023 Entrepreneurs Conference in Foshan. At the meeting, the "Notice of the Office of the CPC Foshan Municipal Committee and the Office of the Foshan Municipal People's Government on Commending the Top 100 Enterprises with High Quality Development and Top 100 Enterprises with Outstanding Tax Contributions in Foshan City in 2022" was read out.

Dirt and emission reduction measures in operation of heat treatment furnace

Heat treatment furnace is the basic condition of heat treatment production and has a significant impact on the quality of heat treatment and energy conservation and emission reduction. Therefore, the performance and quality of heat treatment equipment as well as the level of energy conservation and emission reduction in operation should be highly valued. It is appropriate to select high-quality heat treatment equipment and advanced heat treatment technology that meet the standards of energy conservation and emission reduction in the long run.

Bell-type furnace - optimized process control

Bell-type furnace adopts multi-zone and multi-couple correlation temperature control, and the temperature control accuracy is ≤ ± 1 ℃, so that the furnace temperature uniformity can be accurately controlled within ± 3 ℃ or ± 5 ℃. The medium channel adopts stainless steel pipeline and sealed connection structure to keep the medium raw material leak-free and of good quality.

Let's see what Strong Technology has done in 2022?

Strong Technology people overcome all difficulties, march forward courageously, Create more miracles, We believe that the future will be better!

Deep customization to create value for customers

Strong Technology, as the main supplier of Yizumi, was invited to participate. Mr. Dong Xiaohong, general manager of Strong Technology, delivered a keynote speech at the summit forum, exchanged views with the guests, and shared the successful experience of cooperation between Strong Technology and Yizumi.

Yizumi and STRONG Technology deeply develop mechanical metal materials

A general summary of the project work since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement on April 15th, 2021 was made, and arrangements and requirements for the follow-up work of the project were made. Strong Technology is deeply engaged in material heat treatment, and jointly develops high precision functional parts such as die casting machine pin, steel sleeve, mould adjusting pad, friction plate, material pipe and hammer for Yizumi supporting production, so as to achieve full coverage and supply of main precision metal parts as soon as possible.

Optimal Process Control of Bell-type furnace

Bell-type furnace, the optimized process control technology includes: accurate control of temperature and atmosphere, accurate control of pressure, computer simulation control of heat treatment process, online process monitoring and control, perfect process library and expert system, complete computer management system, and alarm and interlock protection for overheating, water shortage, gas shortage and action errors.

Optimization Design of Bell-type furnace

Optimize the circulation system in the furnace, constantly improve the circulation system structure, reduce air flow short circuit, and improve the temperature and atmosphere uniformity in the furnace through the computer simulation design of furnace atmosphere hydrodynamics.

Wonderful interpersonal relationship

Break through all difficulties and strive to reach the target of 2022 Strong Technology! Come on, Strong people!

Hu Lan, Deputy District Head of Xindu District, Chengdu, visited STRONG TECHNOLOGY

On October 11th, 2022, a delegation led by Hu Lan, deputy head of Xindu District, Chengdu, and Zhang Ping, director of Xindu District Investment Promotion Bureau, visited STRONG TECHNOLOGY. Lu Haming, chairman of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, Dong Xiaohong, general manager, Wang Guimao, deputy general manager, Zhang Qinzhong, general manager of STRONG Robotics, and other leaders warmly welcomed to STRONG TECHNOLOGY in the conference room of the headquarters building.
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