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Powder metallurgy sintering heat treatment production line
Powder metallurgy is the pressing and forming of metal powder,a manufacturing technology of complex shape metal parts with high precision and high strength is obtained through subsequent sintering, heat treatment and other processing procedures. Compared with other metal forming technologies, such as forging and casting, this technology has advantages in material utilization, shape complexity and near net shape size control. As a high cost-effective part preparation method, P / M parts have unique advantages in cost and size, with very high cost-effective.
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Bright annealing production line for stainless steel kitchenware
Stainless steel stretch material bright annealing, adopting protective atmosphere, stainless steel wash basin annealed.
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Conveyor Belt Furnace
The Main applications of Conveyor Belt Furnace: Hardware hardening, carburizing, tempering, brazing, sintering, quenching and cooling
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Conveyor Belt Furnace (Guanghui Furnace)
The Conveyor Belt Furnace (also known as Guanghui Furnace) of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, with its unique design concept, simple equipment, reasonable structure, bridge type placement of workpieces, internal furnace pressure makes air not easy to enter;
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Continuous brazing heat treatment production line
It is used for bright heat treatment of various industrial precision electrical materials, stainless steel, electronic hardware products, etc. Fabrication of brazing.
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