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Stainless craftsman, Guangdong quality manufacturing

On the afternoon of June 15th, the certification ceremony of the 2021 "stainless steel craftsman" publicity activity organized by Guangdong stainless steel materials and products association, which was held in the multi-functional conference hall of Lecong iron and steel world headquarters building, the governing unit.

Energy saving and environmental protection of Bell-type furnace of STRONG TECHNOLOGY

In order to make the heat treatment furnace have the function of energy saving and emission reduction, it is necessary to ensure that the furnace designed and manufactured has good performance, reduce the consumption of raw materials, facilitate manufacturing, be safe and reliable, and have a long service life.

Intelligent deep well controlled atmosphere heat treatment production line with automatic transfer device

It is used for heat treatment quenching and carburizing quenching of large long shafts in power generation equipment, shipbuilding, rail transit, wind power, offshore engineering, heavy mining equipment and other industries. It is a major basic equipment in the machinery industry.

STRONG TECHNOLOGY - create beauty

STRONG TECHNOLOGY creates value for customers, The original mind remains unchanged and the will is firm, Struggling youth!

The most beautiful worker

Labor is the soul of mankind. Both physical and mental labor are the most glorious! Labor creates value. On the occasion of May Day, we pay tribute to the lovely STRONG people.

STRONG TECHNOLOGY - degreasing and cleaning production line

STRONG TECHNOLOGY has developed and designed degreasing and cleaning production line with users through serving many large customers and long-term exploration, using German and Japanese technology. After a long time of verification, the surface of the strip is perfect.

Warm congratulations on the success of the new product launch of Beigang new material BA plate

Beigang New Material Precision Strip Continuous Bright Annealing Line is built by STRONG TECHNOLOGY. The line equipment has reached the international advanced level. Which is the joint efforts of the STRONG team and the Beigang New Material team. After preliminary research, combined with domestic and foreign stainless steel market demand, a production line tailored to the product characteristics and corporate strategy of Beigang New Materials.

The annealing line of high-quality pipes was officially put into operation

Wuzhou Jinhai stainless steel 240000 ton cold-rolled project, the first-phase production line was officially put into operation, which marks the direction of high-quality quantification of pipe-making materials. Strong technology silently cultivates metal materials and customizes the strip bright annealing line for customers. This time, the looper is used for 900 steel strip, which is the first case in China. In addition, the technicians of Strong technology steel strip business department have devoted themselves to training and continuous improvement, and the digital control system has been in the forefront of the world.

The indissoluble relationship between STRONG TECHNOLOGY and Vertical continuous bright annealing line(VBAL)

vertical precision strip bright annealing line is recommended,good-looking,high efficiency,High productivity. STRONG TECHNOLOGY has overcome various difficulties in extraordinary times, provided high-quality services on time, according to quality and quantity for Indonesian customers, and won market opportunities for high-end precision strip steel. Interested parties are welcome to inquire!

How to use the heat treatment equipment of STRONG TECHNOLOGY to save money!

Heating equipment has great energy-saving potential. The basic requirements for energy-saving equipment are large furnace, effective utilization area rate, uniform temperature area, high loading capacity, good heating device, cheap energy, good heat transfer effect, good thermal insulation capacity, less heat loss, high thermal efficiency, etc. According to this requirement, the introduction, transformation, spontaneous development and rational use of equipment can effectively carry out energy-saving production.
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