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Optimal Process Control of Bell-type furnace

Bell-type furnace, the optimized process control technology includes: accurate control of temperature and atmosphere, accurate control of pressure, computer simulation control of heat treatment process, online process monitoring and control, perfect process library and expert system, complete computer management system, and alarm and interlock protection for overheating, water shortage, gas shortage and action errors.

Optimization Design of Bell-type furnace

Optimize the circulation system in the furnace, constantly improve the circulation system structure, reduce air flow short circuit, and improve the temperature and atmosphere uniformity in the furnace through the computer simulation design of furnace atmosphere hydrodynamics.

Wonderful interpersonal relationship

Break through all difficulties and strive to reach the target of 2022 Strong Technology! Come on, Strong people!

Hu Lan, Deputy District Head of Xindu District, Chengdu, visited STRONG TECHNOLOGY

On October 11th, 2022, a delegation led by Hu Lan, deputy head of Xindu District, Chengdu, and Zhang Ping, director of Xindu District Investment Promotion Bureau, visited STRONG TECHNOLOGY. Lu Haming, chairman of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, Dong Xiaohong, general manager, Wang Guimao, deputy general manager, Zhang Qinzhong, general manager of STRONG Robotics, and other leaders warmly welcomed to STRONG TECHNOLOGY in the conference room of the headquarters building.

Guo Weigang, Technical Director of Shangshan Group, and Deng Huafeng, Chairman of Huaye Group visited STRONG TECHNOLOGY

At present, the intelligent horizontal bright annealing line built by STRONG TECHNOLOGY has been successfully put into operation in Yongjin, Hongwang, Haili, Jinhai, Beibu Gulf and other enterprises, and has been recognized by large stainless steel enterprises at home and abroad. In combination with user feedback and demand, the production line has been greatly improved. At present, the production line is more efficient, energy-saving and intelligent, and has become a famous design manufacturer of stainless steel strip annealing line.

The birthday of the motherland is celebrated throughout the country

Celebrate the National Day and wish the great motherland. The country is prosperous and the people are peaceful! STRONG TECHNOLOGY provides all-round service to customers 24 hours a day! I would like to pay high tribute to the engineers of STRONG TECHNOLOGY who serve customers outside!

2022 China heat treatment industry director and Manager Conference and Green Development Summit Forum

On August 21st, 2022, the 2022 China heat treatment industry director and Manager Conference and Green Development Summit Forum were successfully held in Tianjin. Under the guidance of China Machinery Industry Federation, it was hosted by China Heat Treatment Industry Association and supported by Tianjin heat treatment industry association. About 500 heat treatment elites participated in this conference!

STRONG TECHNOLOGY - controlled atmosphere nitriding and carbonitriding simulation system

STRONG TECHNOLOGY focuses on material heat treatment and participates in the formulation of a number of national heat treatment standards. It has accumulated a large amount of process data and developed a simulation system for controlled atmosphere nitriding and carbonitriding. Before workpiece production, it simulates the production process, simulation output and energy consumption calculation, which greatly saves the test time and cost.

2022 STRONG TECHNOLOGY mid year conference was successfully held

On July 1st, 2022, on the occasion of welcoming the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the mid year conference of STRONG TECHNOLOGY was successfully held in cuifangyuan hotel. Ms. huchunping, a teacher from Foshan University, Lu Hanming, the senior leadership chairman of STRONG TECHNOLOGY, Dong Xiaohong, the general manager, Wang guimao, the deputy general manager, Liang hang, the deputy general manager, and the managers of various departments attended the conference.

Stainless craftsman, Guangdong quality manufacturing

On the afternoon of June 15th, the certification ceremony of the 2021 "stainless steel craftsman" publicity activity organized by Guangdong stainless steel materials and products association, which was held in the multi-functional conference hall of Lecong iron and steel world headquarters building, the governing unit.
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