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Heat treatment - we are honored again

The "2019 Conference of Directors and Managers of National Heat Treatment Industry and Green Development Summit Forum" sponsored by China Heat Treatment Association, and was solemnly held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province on September 17th, 2019. More than 200 delegates from heat treatment and related industries gathered to exchange experiences and discuss the future development of the industry. The conference was attended by well-known heat treatment enterprises at home and abroad, such as Fengdong, STRONG TECHNOLOGY, Beijing Huahai, American Marathon and Hawthorne. At the same time, the Congress also dedicated to the Seventieth Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and held a grand award ceremony to encourage enterprises and colleagues to remember their mission and pay tribute to the Seventieth Anniversary of the great motherland with the new era and new deeds.

Academic Exchange Promotes the Development of Enterprise Science and Technology

In order to promote the discipline development and technological progress in heat treatment and surface engineering, and promote the development of new material industry and high-end manufacturing industry. The biennial "National Academic Symposium on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering of 14 Provinces and Cities" was successfully held in Chongqing on August 24th. The forum is not only an important platform for linking up exchanges and interactions among heat treatment industries in different regions, but also an important link between enterprises and research institutes. Professor Yin Fuxing from Hebei University of Technology and Professor Gu Jianfeng from Shanghai Jiaotong University share their knowledge and experience.

STRONG Intelligent Production Line wins "Science and Technology Innovation Award"

From July 19th to 21th, the No.12th National Heat Treatment Conference was held successfully in Northeastern University. The quadrennial national heat treatment conference is one of the largest and most influential industry events in the field of heat treatment in China. The theme of the conference is "heat treatment contributes to high quality development", aiming at summarizing and exchanging new progress in research and production of material heat treatment since the national heat treatment conference in 2015.

There is such a fire in Beijing.

On August 9th, 2019, the No.19th Beijing International Heat Treatment Exhibition was grandly opened, attracting the participation of internationally renowned brand heat treatment related enterprises. Show their advanced heat treatment equipment one by one. STRONG TECHNOLOGY concentrated on material heat treatment over 30 years. Academic circles have won numerous awards. One-stop solution for material and heat treatment in the industry. We have been recognized by customers.

Professional heat treatment new technology exchange meeting will be staged wonderfully

On June 29th, the International Forum on New Technologies of Heat Treatment (Guangdong) in 2019 was successfully held by Guangdong Heat Treatment Association and Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society. After many years of organization and promotion by Guangdong Heat Treatment Association and many heat treatment enterprises, the forum has become a professional platform for the exchange and discussion of new technologies, new experiences, and the economic and trade negotiations in the industry. The forum attracted more than 180 Industry Association leaders, experts and scholars, as well as business representatives.

STRONG TECHNOLOGY Innovation Annealing Furnace process, Leading the Development of Stainless Steel Industry

The First Stainless Steel Decoration Board Industry Development Forum, sponsored by Guangdong Stainless Steel Material and Products Association and Decoration Board Branch and co-sponsored by 51 Stainless Steel, was successfully held at Foshan Crown Holiday Hotel. With the theme of "innovation and upgrading", the Forum gathered more than 100 brand leaders from stainless steel decorative panels.

【Personnel of STRONG】 STRONG Service, Never Stopping -Yu Yongyi

Yu Yongyi Presently as Sales Manager 19 years on the job of STRONG TECHNOLOGY The pace of service does not stop for amoment Footprints all over the north and south ofthe River He contributed a lot to the company's business development and technological innovation. Pouring the cause with diligence and perseverance Is the customer's intimate butler Is a hero in the hearts of the Personnel of STRONG

Flying Youth, Building Dreams in STRONG-00 Later Silently Entrance

School-enterprise cooperation is a cooperative mode established between schools and enterprises. It is a "win-win" mode, which pays attention to the quality of training, school learning and enterprise practice, and the sharing of resources and information between schools and enterprises. School-enterprise cooperation aims at training talents for enterprises and pays attention to the practicability and effectiveness of talents; achieves a brand-new concept of meeting the needs of society, integrating with the market, cooperating with enterprises and combining practice and theory; it not only improves the strength of education and training talents, but also benefits the development and growth of enterprises, which is a win-win situation. The mode is destined to develop and grow in our country.

STRONG TECHNOLOGY has become the first member of the Standardization Working Committee of Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society

On April 29th, 2019, the establishment of the Standardization Working Committee of Guangdong Institute of Mechanical Engineering and the first group standards promulgation conference were solemnly held in the CHINA NATIONAL ELECTRIC APPARATU RESEARCH INSTITUTE CO.,LTD; Professor Liu Yihua, Executive Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society, Executive Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of the Association of Intelligent Manufacturing of Guangdong Association of Science and Technology; Professor Chen Weisheng, Senior Engineer ,Vice-Chairman of Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society, and Vice-President of CHINA NATIONAL ELECTRIC APPARATU RESEARCH INSTITUTE CO.,LTD; Professor Min Xinhe, Senior Engineer, General Manager assistant of SINOMACH Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.; Professor Zhang Xuxing, Senior Engineer, Vice General Manager of Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd.; Professor Zhang Yongkang, Senior Engineer, Dean of College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Guangdong University of Technology; Professor Zhou Peng, Senior Engineer, Vice President of Guangdong Keda Clean Energy Co.,Ltd; Professor Chang Shaoming, Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society ;Professor Cao Yongjun, Senior Engineer, ;Professor Ruan Yi, Senior Engineer, and other leading guests, as well as members of the first Standardization Committee of Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society and representatives of relevant universities, scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Professor Chen Weisheng, Senior Engineer, Vice President of Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society and Vice President of CHINA NATIONAL ELECTRIC APPARATU RESEARCH INSTITUTE CO.,LTD.

Salt bath heat treatment, EIA can not be passed, STRONG TECHNOLOGY gets a trick.

On March 30th, 2019, the Symposium on Solutions of Salt Bath Heat Treatment, co-sponsored by the National Institute of Heat Treatment and the Heat Treatment Technology Center of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, was successfully concluded in Changzhou. The forum invited 8 well-known equipment manufacturers at home and abroad as well as scientists and technicians from relevant research institutes in China to discuss the solution of salt bath heat treatment and alternative upgrading schemes, and to conduct on-site observation and consultation on the application and development of technology. The Forum gathered more than 120 representatives of enterprises and universities.
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